Let's Class House!

“Class House” for enjoying
Your Own New Lifestyle


What is the life in Class House Inadera Like?

  1. Main Lounge

    “Open and Space
    Excellent Main Lounge”

    Lounge is like stylish café with warmth of wood and natural texture. Simple and natural designed furniture will make you feel relaxed and calm. Table for 2 people is useful that can be flexibly adapted to alone to a large group.

  2. Cafe??

    Space made you relax feeling
    like in café

    You can enjoy 57 inch-large displayed TV with relaxing at wide sofa. You can also spend your time at sofa for single use according to your mood as you like without stress.

  3. Counter Table

    “Counter Table
    by the Window”

    Counter table seat is sunny and comfortable space where light comes through the window. It is perfect to use when you are busy with breakfast and when you want to spend alone relaxed. You can easily charge your laptop and phone with outlet under the table.

    You can enjoy rich smelled coffee just after grind beans using the mill and drip at the coffee counter next to the kitchen.

  4. Kitchen

    “Clean Kitchen Space”

    There is 3 large full-loaded kitchen equipment in the kitchen. You will feel comfortable to use even in busy hours as each kitchen is separated. Each of residents choose any kitchen they like at each occasion. You can also use the shared kitchen in each unit of house to cook quickly.

  5. By gender

    “Water Section Equipment
    with Distinction
    of Use by Sex”

    Space for men only or women only is provided for powder room, restroom and bath room. That makes you spending life without any stress by opposite sex.

  6. Private

    “1 Unit consisted
    of 2–4 individual Rooms
    provides Private Space”

    Each unit is with the common space such as small kitchen, dining and restroom. You can use small kitchen, restroom and wash space and dining space without going down to 1st floor living to communicate inside of each unit. You can enjoy relaxed and small communication there.

  7. Comfortable

    “Comfortable Use
    Private Room”

    There is various types of floor plan for private room, such as easy to use 24 square meter rooms and 24 square meter rooms. Each room is with wide window and storage space. You can choose any type of rooms according to your lifestyle.

Access14 Minutes by Train
from Osaka Station and
Convenient for access
to Shinkansen and Airport

Convenient Location 2 minute walk from the nearest Inadera Station
Furthermore, close enough 14 minutes by train from Inadera Station to Osaka Station
Less than 20 minutes even from House entrance
21 minutes by train from Shin-Osaka Station, 2 minutes from Itami Station where Direct Limousine Bus to Osaka International Airport departs
Perfectly fit for who has many opportunity to use Shinkansen and Airplane

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What is the life in Class House Mitejima Like?

  1. Main Lounge

    “2 Styles of
    Common Space
    to choose you like
    During the day and
    Bar-Lounge at Night”

    Many tables and chairs in the lounge space to use for large number of people. Seat for two person is easy to move flexibly adopted according to the number of people and uses.
    Single-sofa with backrest is useful for relaxing alone.
    You can spend time slowly by looking river view and reading.

    Bar lounge on the 3rd floor is with good atmosphere looked like a real bar, with cask tables and down-wall to screen from public attention. You can hold a party and an event by the residents at this space, allowed to invite other than residents. Light meal can be served there. The atmosphere will help you with drinking more.

  2. Bath Room

    “Get Warm with
    Large Panorama Bath”

    There is large bath on the top floor with full view of city of Osaka. It is used in turn by day between men and women and it is locked with code in women’s turn. Wash space is large as well as its bathtub. That is the top floor’s luxurious space.

  3. Sky Terrace

    “Relaxed Space
    at Day Off”

    You can use Sky-terrace on the top floor when you feel like taking a rest. Open Terrace with wood deck is perfectly fit for refreshing. You can enjoy the barbecue with the large number of people using stove during day off. You can also enjoy reading books alone or just sit relaxed. River-view in the front makes you relaxed and calm.

  4. Kitchen

    “Kitchen satisfies
    who likes cooking”

    Facing type full-loaded kitchen is large enough for several people to use at the same time. There is 4 large full-loaded kitchen equipment with wide working space.

  5. Shower Room

    “Provide the space
    to live everyday life
    without any stress”

    There is nothing except shower room and washroom on the 1st floor, completely independent from the residence floors. You can use it even in the late at night and early in the morning without minding about the noise you make.

  6. Room

    Easy to use Resident Room”

    Resident room located on the 3 - 6th floor, where each floor has 13 – 14 rooms, with washroom, boiling water space and the restroom on each floor.
    Most of the room has the same floor plan, the area is as 7.2 tatami-mat. (With a very few exceptions which is larger.) The storage in a room is large enough furnished in closet, hanging cabinet and below bed.
    As each room has furnished bed, you will live comfortably as long as you have bed clothes immediately after moved in.

Access3 Stops for 6 Minutes
by Train from Kita-Shinchi
Station / 26 minutes
from Sannomiya Station
at the shortest,
changing at Amagasaki Station

Convenient to commute toward both Osaka and Kobe located 3 stops for 6 minutes by train from Kita-Shinchi Station and 26 minutes from Sannomiya Station at the shortest, changing at Amagasaki Staion

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