inaderaClass-House Inadera


Class-House Inadera is Convenient Share House located 14 minutes from Osaka (Umeda) Station by train
32 minutes from Kobe Station at the shortest, changing at Amagasaki Station
Convenient to commute located 1 minute-walk from JR Inadera Station in Amagasaki
Men’s Shower room with 5 booths and Laundry as well as Large Living and Kitchen on the 1st Floor
2nd Floor is Women’s only with Women’s Shower Room
Women’s Shower Booths with Foot-Bath Equipment! Laundry Room for Women only

Room Types are large 2K, 3DK and 4DK with 11-square meters rooms and all rooms are individual with key to protect privacy.
You can immediately move in without prior preparation as each room with Curtain, Bed, Desk and Air-conditioner.

A convenience store on your way from the nearest station makes you feel safe when you come home late
Convenient enough as most of food and daily-use goods can be obtained at Large Shopping Mall “Tsukashin” located 3 minute-walk, where glossary store, 100 yen shop, food court and fast fashion shop inside.
Easy to live in as fitness gym and large public spa around

Location (Transportation / Surrounding Envirionment)

2 minute walk from Inadera Station of JR Fukuchiyama Line
8 minute walk from Inano Station of Hankyu Itami Line
Time from Terminal Station
  • Total 16 minutes (14 minute ride) from Umeda Station
  • Total 28 minutes (20 minute ride) from Shin-Osaka Station
  • Total 37 minutes (18 minute ride) from Shinsaibashi Station
  • Total 38 minutes (25 minute ride) from Sannomiya Station
Room Type

1-28 Minami-Shimizu, Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo

Number of Rooms
2 K with storage: 12 Units of House
24 rooms
3DK with storage: 5 Units of House
15 rooms
4DK: 6 Units of House
24 rooms All Individual Rooms
・6-tatami-mat room
37,000 – 39,000JPY
・14-tatami-mat room
50,000 – 52,000JPY

Common Service Fee (including utilities such as Electricity, Water, Gas and Internet)

Area of Individual Room
Total Floor Area
Contract Form
Normal Lease Contract
Parking Lot
Fee Charged (Charged Separately / 4 Spaces only)
Bicycle Parking: Available / Free for up to 1
Motorcycle Parking: Available / Flat Fee 2,000JPY including a scooter
※Please ask us regarding corporate contract


Common Space on the 1st Floor:
3 Full-loaded Kitchens, 4 Refrigerators, 3 Rice Cookers, 2 Microwaves and 2 Electric Pots 1 Oven, 2 Oven Toasters, Café-Counter, 1 Large Screen TV, 1 another TV and DVD Player Surround Speaker, 3 Sofas, 2 Clothes Irons, 1 Laptop, Game Machine, Wi-Fi Pots and Pans, Dishes and Plates, Chopsticks in Dining Kitchen

Each House Common Space:
IH Cooking Heater, Refrigerator, Microwave, Dining Table, Wash Space and Wi-Fi

Each Room:
Air-Conditioner, Curtain, Desk, Bed, Cabinet and Balcony

Initial Fee

  • Initial Contract Fee: 15,000JPY (Pulse TAX)
  • Initial Monthly Rent

Initial Contract Fee:

  • Need Deposit of 3 Months’ Rent for Foreign Students or in Working Holiday
  • May be required to sign up for Rent Guarantee Company

Surrounding Environment

  • 2 Minute Walk from the Nearest Station
  • 3 Minute Walk from Large Shopping Mall
  • 5 Minute Walk from Fitness Gym
  • 5 Minute Walk from Large Public Spa
  • 8 Minute Walk from Post Office
  • 3 Minute Walk from ATM


VacancyRoom NoAreaRentRoom StyleCommon FeeNote
Vacant301D10 ㎡39,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant303221.5 ㎡50,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant305B10 ㎡39,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant401B8.6㎡37,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant403221.5 ㎡50,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant505C10㎡35,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant601A10 ㎡37,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant601D10 ㎡39,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant603121.5㎡50,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant702221.5㎡50,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No
Vacant705B10 ㎡39,000JPYSingle-occ13,000JPYDeposit: No Fire Insurance: No

Floor Plan

Access14 Minutes by Train
from Osaka Station and
Convenient for access
to Shinkansen and Airport

Convenient Location 2 minute walk from the nearest Inadera Station
Furthermore, close enough 14 minutes by train from Inadera Station to Osaka Station
Less than 20 minutes even from House entrance
21 minutes by train from Shin-Osaka Station, 2 minutes from Itami Station where Direct Limousine Bus to Osaka International Airport departs
Perfectly fit for who has many opportunity to use Shinkansen and Airplane


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